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Super bonus pack 1

For any minimum order of $ 17, we offer this bonus.

(more $200 value)

50 E-cover pack with M.R.R

Protect your affiliate links with M.R.R.

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Increase your sales conversions with M.R.R

(full version with M.R.R . You Can Create These Polls And Surveys In Any
Post Or Page Of Your Blog!

Easily monetize or add content to ANY Youtube video in your blog whith M.R.R.

50 Music tracks perso just no give away or resell but you can do what you want.

55 HD Video Backgrounds with M.R.R 

Graphics With P.L.R.


WP Checkout Maximizer is the definitive WP plugin that will help you by increasing your conversion sales, with M.R.R

True tags software is a hot selling custom software program with M.R.R.

You can now setup your own review and feedback area in record time.

With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse You Can Decorate Your
Blog And Finally Get The Results You Deserve! With M.R.R

Slide Show Master with MRR

intuitive WordPress plugin that will allow you to create viral traffic at the click of your mouse with M.R.R

WP Visitor Converter is a hot new plugin that will allow you to convert your visitors into a list of subscribersso that you can finally increase your sales and make more money with M.R.R

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